Navigation Safety Advisory Council

The Navigation Safety Advisory Council (NAVSAC) was established by the United States Congress as a deliberative body to advise the Secretary of Transportation, via the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, on matters relating to the prevention of collisions, rammings and groundings, including, but not limited to: Inland Rules of the Road, International Rules of the Road, navigation regulations and equipment, routing measures, marine information, diving safety, and aids to navigation systems. When the Coast Guard was incorporated into the newly established Department of Homeland Security, responsibility for NAVSAC was transfered to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The law specifies that the Council shall consist of not more than 21 members considered to have particular expertise, knowledge and experience in the Navigation Rules of the Road (International and Inland), aids to navigation, navigational safety equipment, vessel traffic service, and traffic separation schemes and vessel routing. Members are appointed to three-year terms and serve without compensation other than reimbursement of necessary travel expenses.

For more information about NAVSAC, click here or write to:

          Executive Director
          Navigation Safety Advisory Council
          USCG Headquarters (G-MWN)
          2100 Second St., S.W.
          Washington, DC  20593-0001

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